Users will upload pre-defined PDF form templates into SKYSITE Archives. Pre-defined PDF templates can be created using Acrobat or any PDF forms creation tool (third party) in the local computer.

Users can open these PDF templates in SKYSITE Archives & fill the info (transmittals, expense reports, inspection forms, etc.) & submit for approval or save as draft. As soon as a user populates a template and submits that template for approval or saves that filled up template as draft, that template is converted into a form. Hence, users can generate multiple forms from a single template. 

During upload of a template in the app users can schedule form generation from that template on a periodic basis (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly). Hence, when the schedule date arrives based on the start date, a new form is auto-generated from the template and displayed on the Forms module. The newly generated form will have a status as ‘Draft’. User can now work with this new form (fill the info in the form template and submit for review). Users will also receive a notification in their registered email the day after the scheduled date that a new form is generated from the template on the scheduled date.