Accessing & Understanding User List Screen

Follow the given procedure to access the User list Screen:


  1. Click on  button at the top right-hand corner of the screen to access the Settings Main Menu. This menu is displayed below,



  1. Under the Account Setting heading click on Manage users menu item [highlighted in the screenshot above] to access User listscreen. This screen is shown below,



Information viewed on the screen:

    • The total number of Seats (licenses) the current logged in user has access to, the number of licenses used & the number of licenses still available to the user. Each seat (license) represents a user. Each used up license (user) information is displayed in the grid view below.

    • You can view the user name, Work phone & the email ID of the users.


Operations that can be performed from this screen:

    • Click on  button to add new users. Addition of one user means reduction in one seat (license). Refer Adding New User for more details.

    • Click on  button to buy more license (seat) and storage space. Refer to Accessing & Understanding License Management screen for more details.

    • Click on  button to modify the user information through Add/Edit User screen.

    • Click on  button to release the license of the particular user. This means the user will have no longer access to SKYSITE Facilities & Archive application and your license count will increase by one.

    • Click on  button under the Make Administrator column to elevate the privileges of the license of a particular user to Admin. level i.e. make the user an administrator.

    • Click on  button under the View Collection Access column to view the name and number of the Collections to which the particular user has access. This screen is shown below,



  • Orange Flag means the user has been invited to access the given collection but has not yet accepted the collection access

  • Green Flag means the user has the access to the respective collection


Comparison between Users & Contacts:


  • Users added through User List screen can be of type Employee (Host) & Shared (Collaborative) user. Addition of one new user will decrease the license by one. These users will be displayed in the Address Book along with other Contacts.

  • Contacts added through Address Book screen can be of type Employee (Host), Shared (Collaborative) & Simple Contact (converted to Lite User once have Collection access). Addition of a Contact as Employee (Host) & Shared (Collaborative) user will decrease the license by one. Contacts can be added as members within Collection Teams as well as Account Teams.