Searching Communications

Follow the given procedure to search a particular Communication Message:

  1. Open Collection Communication screen.
  2. You can view the Communication Search module at the top of the Communication list view grid section under which the list of communications are displayed. The search textbox along with various search options are displayed below,


  1. Enter search string or keywords in the Search text box. 
  2. The search for the entered string of texts will be carried out in either Communication #, Subject, From, Forwarded From, Create Date & Due Date out of the whole body of the Communication as per your selection from the In drop-down.
  3. In order to narrow your search, you can also select communications with specific status within which the search will be carried out. Hence, select the status of the Communications you are looking for from the Status drop-down box. The status can be All Status, Open & ClosedCommunications.
  4. Click  (Search button). The search result is displayed in the grid section. 

Example: Enter a search string say 'Beam' in the search textbox. Select Subject as the portion of the Communication where the application will search for the keyword 'Beam'. Now select the status as All Status meaning search for the entered keyword will be carried out in the subjects of Communications with all statuses i.e. both Open & Closed.

The following search results will be displayed based on the entered search string and the selected option:

Note: Click on  (Reset button) to revert to the screen before the search was carried out.