Editing & Resending Communications

Follow the given procedure to modify and resend communication:


  1. On the Collection Communication screen on the Communication List View grid section, click on Communication Number link, under the Communication # column. The Communication edit screen is shown below,



  1. You can change the recipient in the To & CC list, modify the subject and body of the message.

  2. You can click on [Resend Notification] button to again send the message to either the same recipients or different recipients.

  3. You can click on [Close comm] button to close the communication and the status of the communication will be closed and reflected on the main communication screen. Once closed a Communication can be opened and send to various users by the creator of the communication.

  4. You can add more attachments and remove other existing attachments.

  5. You can click on [Forward] button to forward the communication to another user. The following screen opens once you click the[Forward] button,



  • During forwarding, you will be able to view the Communication subject & number which is being forwarded, select the recipients in To & CClist.


  1. Click  (Show History link) to view the history of modifications, attachment addition & removal, resending, forwarding and responses made on an existing Communication message. Sample Communication History is shown below,



  1. In the end, after completing modifications and resending the Communication Message, click on Save & Send to update and resend the Communication.