Accessing & Understanding Communication Screen

Follow the given procedure to access the Collection Communication screen:


  1. After opening the application click on  to gain access to the Collection Files tool-bar. This tool-bar opens at the top right-hand portion of the screen.

  2.  On this tool-bar click on  button. The Collection Communications (All) screen will appear.

  3. Select a Collection from the Select Collection drop-down list in the left hand panel . Select that Collection, the Communication under which you would like to view. The Collection Communications related to the selected Collection will be displayed in list view in the screen.


The Collection Communication screen is shown below,



Following information related to each Communication is displayed in the grid view section:


  • Communication Number: This is a system-generated number, generated by the application. Click on the number link to view and update a communication. Details are given here: Updating Communication.

  • Subject: The main subject of the communication is displayed under this column.

  • To: The users to whom the communication has been send. Click on this link to view the Recipients i.e. users to whom t he Communication has been send directly as well as the users in the CC list.

  • From: The user who had created and had send across the communication.

  • Forwarded from: The number of the communication which has been forwarded to another recipient.

  • Create Date: The date on which the Communication has been created

  • Due Date: The date within which the Communication will have to be answered.

  • Status: The Status of the Communication, whether it is Open or it has already been Closed i.e. answered.


Following operations can be performed from the Collection Communication screen:


  • Click on (Add button) to create and send a new Communication to an user. Details are given here: Adding New Communication.

  • Click on  (Export button) to download the Communication list to your local system. You can either export the list of Communications displayed in grid view along with each column information in CSV format or in Excel (.xlsx) format.

  • Click on  (Filter button) to view either all Communication related to the selected Collection, view only those Communication which have been created by me or those Communications which have been assigned to me.

  • Option to search Communications of all statuses. Details are given here: Searching Communication.