Creating New Tasks

Follow the given procedure to create a new task: 

  1. Click  (Add New Task button) from the Collection Tasks screen. The Create Task screen appears. This is shown in the screenshot below, 

  1. Enter task details under Task Information section:

  1. Enter a task name/task id in the Task Name text box.

  2. Enter the subject of that task in the Task subject text box.

  3. Enter the task start date in the Start Date text box or click  (Calendar icon) to select the task start date.

  4. Enter the task due date in the Due Date text box or click  (Calendar icon) to select the task due date.

  5. Select the appropriate option from the Status drop-down list (Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Deferred or Review) to set the current task execution status

  6. Select the appropriate option from the Priority drop-down list (Normal, High or Low) to prioritize the task execution by the concerned user

  7. Select the appropriate percentage from the Completion Percentage drop-down. If you select 0% then the Status drop-down changes to Not Started, again if Status is selected as Not Started then Completion Percentage changes to 0%. If you select 25%, 50% or 75% then the Status drop-down changes to In Progress and vice-versa. If you select 100% then the Status drop-down changes to Completed and vice-versa. You can also select Custom Percentage, then enter the percentage amount on the textbox on the right side of the Percentage Completion drop-down, the status will change accordingly.

  8. Enter a message on that particular task if any in the Message text area.

3.  Select the Notification Settings from the Task Settings section. You can select 4 notification options. These are displayed below,

4.  Select Team(s)/Team member(s) under the Task Assigned To section and associate these members to tasks for resolution. You have to assign at least one member for a task. To do this perform the following:

  1. Click on [Add Member(s) button] from the Task Assigned To section. The Add Member(s) window pops up. This is shown below,

  1. Click to select Collection Team or Collection Team Member radio-button. 

      • Selecting Collection Team radio-button displays all the teams in the grid section. Then if you select one or more team(s), then all the members of the selected team will be assigned the concerned tasks.

      • Selecting Collection Team Member makes the team-wise member drop-down appear. Once you select any team from the drop-down then the grid section displays only the members of the selected team otherwise, if the All Collection Team is selected from the drop-down then all the members are displayed in the grid section.

  1. Select the Team Name/Team Member’s Name whom you want to assign for the task.

  1. Click Add Member(s). A confirmation message appears assuring the successful inclusion of the assignees.

  2. Click OK and then click Close from the My Collection Team window to exit. Alternatively, you can directly click Add Member(s) & Close to assign the selected members to the task and then close the window simultaneously.

  3. To remove specific assignees from the list, select the assignee(s) member(s) and click Remove Member(s button. The assignee(s) get deleted from the list.

  1. 5.  Enter information under Task Details section:

  1. The Date of Completion field is filled up automatically when the work is complete.

  2. Enter the mileage of the work achieved in the Mileage text box.

  3. Enter the billing information in the Billing Information text box.

  4. Enter the company name in the Company Name text box.

6.  Choose any  files from your local system or from internal Collection Files for attaching with the task.

    1. Click on [Add button] to initiate attachment. Two options will appear.

    2. Click on Attach Files from Collection to open the Attach Collection File window. You will be able to attach any file(s) under any folder of the Collection under which the task in being created. This is shown below, 

    1. Click on Attach from your computer to open the Upload Task Attachment window. From this window you can attach files to the Task from your local system. 

    2. After attachment is done the you will be able to open the attachment, download, remove & view the attachment size.

7. Click Create Task. After successful creation of the task, a confirmation message is displayed above the screen. The new task gets added in the Owned Tasks list.

8. Click Save as Draft to save the task as Draft version, this means the task will be created but no notification on assignment will be send to the assigned member. Only the Task creator will be able to edit the Task.


Note: If the user is the owner of the Collection then he/she is capable of completing the task. Otherwise, one may modify the task but cannot complete it until and unless he/she has been granted that permission.


Screenshot displaying data-filled task: