Accessing & Understanding Collection Task Screen

Follow the given procedure to access the Collection Task screen:

  1. After opening the application click on  to gain access to the Collection Files tool-bar. This tool-bar opens at the top right-hand portion of the screen.

  2.  On this tool-bar click on  button. The Collection Task screen will appear.

  1. Select a Collection from the Select Collection drop-down list in the left hand panel.

  2. Click Collection Tasks under Collections main-menu. The Task List screen appears. Four types of tasks lists are available in this module.

    • Owned Tasks: The list of Owned Tasks display the list of tasks created by him/her.

    • Assigned Tasks: The list of Assigned Tasks display the list of tasks assigned to him/her.

    • All Tasks: The list of All Tasks display the list of all the tasks irrespective of owned or assigned one.

    • Drafts: The list of Drafts display the list of tasks which are not yet complete, so are saved as drafts.

Screenshot displaying a Collection Tasks screen along with explanation is given below:

Following operations can be performed from the Collection Task screen:

  • Click on (Add button) to create a new task 

  • Click on  (Refresh button) to update 

  • Option to search specific tasks according to task status

  • Click on  button to change task status

  • Click on  button to export task details

  • Click on  button to delete individual tasks 

Note: All the operations given above are explained separately in different help files.