SKYSITE Outlook plug-in provides users with the option to sync contacts from Outlook to SKYSITE and vice versa. This option is present in ‘Outlook Settings.’

  • To access the plug-in settings first go to the ‘Add-in menu.’
  • Then click [SKYSITE] from drop-down list and click [Settings]. 

Screenshot displaying navigation to Settings in Outlook plug-in

  • This will open the ‘add-in settings.’ You can choose to not sync any contacts, or sync Outlook contacts to SKYSITE or sync SKYSITE contacts to Outlook. Users can also choose to automatically sync the contacts every hour, 2 hours or 5 hours.

Screenshot displaying Contact syncing options in Outlook plug-in (with sync contacts drop-down in open position)

Screenshot displaying Automatic Sync Options in Outlook plug-in

  • To stop syncing contacts. user can click [Disconnect] from the SKYSITE drop-down menu in the ‘Add-in’ section of Outlook.