You can do the following operations on a published file:

  • Download the selected document with or without markup

  • Order print of the document to a PSP

  • Send the download link of the file via email to an internal or external user

  • Create shortcut of the file inside the current or another folder

  • View file revision history

  • Modify file attributes 

  • Delete the file

  • Move the file inside another folder

You can do the following operations on a unpublished file:

  • Download the selected document

  • Publish the file

  • Delete the file

There are two types of normal files identified with different icons:

  •  icon - Identifies a published file.

  •  icon - Identifies an unpublished file. 

  •  icon - Identifies an unsupported file format which cannot be opened and viewed through the application viewer. These files are any files other than PDF and the icon changes as per the file type.

Description of these operations in detail for an published file is given below:

  • Click the [More options]  button to open the file operations menu . This is shown in the screenshot below,

  1. Download document: Click this button to download the document in PDF format without the annotations, hyperlinks which may have been drawn & saved on this document.

  2. Download with markups: Click this button to download the document in PDF format along with the annotations, hyperlinks which may have been drawn & saved on this document.

  3. Order Prints: Click this button to order printing of this particular file to a PSP. Please refer to Order prints for files help file for more details.

  4. Send: Click this button to send the download link of this file to the email IDs of any existing SKYSITE user or any external user. The external user need not have SKYSITE account. He/she can access the download link through email and directly download the file in PDF format.

This is show in the screenshot below,

The application populates the download link of the file (to be send to the intended recipient) and the expiration date (default is 10 days from the date of link generation). You can modify the date as per your suitability. The link expires after the selected date is crossed.

  • Enter the email of the recipient in case the user is an external user (a user who do not have SKYSITE account) or select an user email from the 'Contacts' section (in case the user is an account user)
  • Enter any message along with the mail (optional)
  • Click [Send] to send the email with the download link to the intended recipient

  1. Create shortcut: Click this button to create a shortcut of the file, such that the file can be accessed from other folders. Hence, a reference to the original file is created inside another folder within the same project. 

The Create shortcut screen appears after you click this button,

  • Enter the name of a new folder and click on [Add new folder] to add a new folder within the project. Clicking on [Done] now will post a shortcut within the new folder name.

  • Again, if you would to create the shortcut within an existing folder then click the desired folder from the folder tree structure as shown in the above screenshot and then click on [Done].

Note: The shortcut cannot be posted inside the same folder within which the original file exists. More than one file can be selected for shortcut creation.

Screenshot below displays a shortcut created inside a new folder:

Screenshot below displays the operations which can be performed on a file shortcut from the [More options] menu:

  1. Revision history: Click this button to view the various revisions of this file. Say you have uploaded a file named A2.3 & you have given this file a revision number 1 before publishing. Then you again uploaded the same file (with or without modification in the content) with the same name or another file with the same name and gave this file a revision number 2 before publishing. The 'Latest documents' folder will consist of the latest version of the file which is the file with the revision number 2. This is displayed in the revision history section as shown below,

  • Click  icon to open the document through the application 'Viewer'

  • Click  icon to download the document

  • Click  icon to order a printout of this document

  1. Edit fields: Click this button to modify or change the file header details. The various attributes that are defined while publishing this file can be edited using this option. The page that loads for editing the fields of the file is shown below,

You can only modify the Sheet Number, the category under which the file falls into and the description of the file.

  • Click [Save] to update the file modifications

  1. Delete: Click this button to delete the file. The application will display a warning message after you click this button. Click [Yes] on this warning message to delete this file.

  2. Move: Click this button to move this file inside another folder. Please refer to Move folder help file for more details.