You will land on the create account screen of the SKYSITE application after clicking the [Sign up] link on the log-in screen.


Screenshot displaying the create account screen:

On the Registration page, enter the following details,

1.       Enter the First Name of the user.

2.       Enter the Last Name of the user.

3.       Enter the Email address of the user.

4.       Enter a new Password for accessing the account at a future time. Use the  icon to view or hide the typed password.

5.       Enter the Referral Code (if any). Please refer to Accessing SKYSITE Projects through referral help file for more details.

6.       Click on the button [Create Account]


Note: You can click on the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use link to scrutinize the Privacy Policy before registering to the SKYSITE application.


Tip: Click on Already have an account? Sign in link if you are already a registered user of Skysite Application, to navigate to the Sign In page.


You will now be directed to the Common Login screen, from where you will have the choice to access Skysite Projects module (this will be automatically activated) or choose to activate Skysite Facilities & Archive module.


Screenshot displaying the Common Login screen:

  • Click on [Go to Projects] button to access Skysite Projects.

The application will navigate you to My Profile screen such that you can fill up your profile information.


Screenshot displaying the My Profile screen:

You can choose to move out of the My profile screen but every time you log-in to SKYSITE Projects from next time onwards the application will navigate you to the My Profile screen till you fill up your profile information.


The application will automatically send an email verification link to your registered email address for authentication. If you do not receive the link after a considerable amount of time, then you can click on [Resend verification link] button to retransmit the verification link.


Screenshot displaying the verification confirmation link (highlighted by a red rectangle) sent to your email address:

  • Click on the verification link to verify your email address.

Screenshot displaying the verification confirmation screen:

  • Click on the Take Me to SKYSITE PROJECTS link to navigate to Skysite Projects module.

Also, before you proceed to complete your profile you will receive a Welcome to Skysite email in your email account. The screenshot of this email is shown below: